B - Sides

The name of this series is taken from music, B-Side meaning the reverse side of a record usually of  lesser known songs. This series is a continuation of my first series “Prickles and Goo”. I wanted to continue this process of making compositions inspired by layering and manipulating aerial imagery, so I created B-Sides which is an open ended compilation of works that continue to use this process. While creating my “Water” series I discovered how to build layers to reflect what I had made in Photoshop. By using glazing liquids and brushing on additional layers of gel medium I get a beautifully reflective and luminous piece that is like the transparent layers I make in Photoshop. Keeping this series open ended allows me to continue this process of discovery within the medium, but also my process of composition making. By actively exercising both of these methods I hone my skills and get closer to that which I am trying to express.

Keep an eye on this series as it continues to grow.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these paintings check out my Where Y'art page.